Remember a 17-year-old sold app to Yahoo! for $30 million in 2013?

Nick D'Aloisio, A 19-year-old who sold his news app to Yahoo for $30 million in 2013 

Nick D'Aloisio​ won the top academic scholarship to King's College School in London's Wimbledon but left at the end of year 11. He hadn't burnt out; to the contrary, he'd simply flared early.
It was 2012 and the then 17-year-old self-taught programming prodigy had just sold his Summly​ news aggregation app to Yahoo for $US30 million. The US tech giant wanted him to develop it into Yahoo News Digest, which he did. The digest promptly won an Apple Design Award.
"I had the job title of product manager at Yahoo before having finished high school, so it was a little strange managing a team of people that young," says D'Aloisio, now all of 20. "There was a bit of scepticism among some of them at first."

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