Accidental Hero That Saved World From "WannaCry " Cyberattack Has Been Arrested!

On August 3, 2017, Marcus Hutchins, a 23-year-old British-based cyber security researcher famously credited with helping to neutralize the global "WannaCry" ransomware attack earlier this year has been arrested on unrelated/another hacking charges.

Hutchins had gained global attention in May 2017 for detecting a "kill switch" that effectively disabled the "WannaCry" worm.

A global ransomware cyberattack “WannaCry” threatened big firms and services like health, business, and telecommunications networks last May this year, which targeted computers running the Microsoft Windows OS by encrypting data and demanding ransom payments in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency– but it was stopped before most of the damage was done.
Hutchins, After having a look through the virus’ source code, he came across a domain name that had not yet been registered. On a hunch, he purchased the domain and watched as the cyberattack fade into nothingness. Having succeeded where various reputable government cybersecurity agencies failed, he was hailed as an “accidental hero”.

Well, there a a twist of the tale, Marcus Hutchins, known online as “MalwareTechBlog” has been arrested in Las Vegas by the FBI.The indictment alleges two people, Hutchins, who faces six counts related to Kronos and an unnamed individual, between them, created, advertised and sold the Kronos malware.

Hutchins will appear in a court in Nevada on Friday (today) at 3 p.m. (PT) when he could enter a guilty or not guilty plea. He may be sent to Wisconsin to face the charges since it is there that they stem from.

KRONOS - The Malware

"Kronos" malware, also known as a banking trojan, once downloaded from email attachments left victims' systems vulnerable to online theft of banking and credit card credentials/passwords, which could have been used to siphon money from different bank accounts. It emerged in 2014 when security researchers first spotted that it was being advertised on Russian forums for $7,000 (£5,300).

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