Donald Trump's border wall to be exempted from laws and environmental reviews

The Department for Homeland Security has sided with Donald Trump's idea, Trump's border wall could possibly break numerous laws and fail various environmental reviews but that isn't an obstacle at all.

Geographical Studies have suggested that the border wall is a threat to the surroundings . also wastage of resources which will be used to build up the walls, it will also interrupt the life of the living things/animals and plants that occur around the area it will be built, environmentalists have warned.

The Department for Homeland Security insisted it will soon publish in the Federal Register a notice that allows the government to be exempted from the National Environmental Protection Act, as well as a whole host of other laws. 

Congress passed the law to try and stop similar challenges when government came to build walls elsewhere in the US land. It allowed George W Bush to build hundreds of miles of fencing across the US-Mexico border.

Last week the House of Representatives approved the administration's request for $1.6 billion to start building the wall, which would include replacing 14 miles (22 kilometers) in San Diego covered by the latest waiver and building 60 miles (96 kilometers) of new barriers in Texas' Rio Grande Valley. It was unclear if or when Homeland Security would issue waivers for Texas, which is currently the busiest corridor for illegal crossings in the US. 
Homeland Security said the San Diego waiver falls within the scope of the 2005 law and that the area is a high priority for construction of border barriers and roads. 

The Border Patrol's San Diego sector logged nearly 32,000 arrests last year — 8 percent of the total on the U.S. border with Mexico — and seized more than 4 tons of marijuana and more than a half-ton of cocaine. 

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