Elon Musk: First picture of SpaceX spacesuit

Today at 12:59am PDT Elon musk from his official Instagram page posted his spacesuit made by his company SpaceX, an American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company headquartered in Hawthorne, California. Just to be clear the suit is totally not a prototype at all. The suit is acknowledged to be very special as it was tested to double vacuum pressure.Musk didn’t specify, if this suit will be worn during space walks, trip to mars or even on regular transportation in capsules. But typically pressure suits are specialized in being worn by astronauts during transports to or from Space station, the suit itself can overcome a depressurizing capsule. But it seems like the suits will be worn by NASA astronauts when SpaceX starts transporting people to and from the International Space Station. 
Honestly the design is very elegant and feels right at home in a sci-fi flick, while simultaneously paying homage to the old school suits NASA astronauts wore to the moon. I must say this is the best spacesuit ever being designed.