Facebook shuts down Lifestage, its teen-focused Snapchat clone

Facebook is paring down its collection of standalone apps. The company’s experimental “teens-only” app Lifestage, designed to counteract Snapchat’s threat, has been entirely pulled from the App Store. Lifestage, one of Facebook’s more recent attempts to get Snapchat-obsessed teens to use Facebook’s services instead, has now been shut down, as reported by Business Insider  the company has confirmed its removal and if you’re not familiar with Lifestage, Its not your fault :)  given that the app’s big hook was that only users aged 21 or younger could sign on in the first place.
However, Lifestage isn’t the only Facebook app that’s being shutdown as of late – the company is also closing down its Groups app, first launched in 2014 to help users better discover, search and connect with their various Facebook Groups.

The truth is that this Snapchat clone application just never sinked in peoples heads in any sense of the word. There was no way to safely enforce the 21 and under rule — anyone could enter in whatever birthday they wanted when signing up — and all Lifestage content was “always public and viewable by everyone, inside and outside your school.”

The app was only rolled out in iPhones and it was never released in android versions. It was actually pulled from the App Store on August 4th, several days before it appears anyone actually noticed it was gone, which should give a rough indication of the state of things.