For First Time Ever A Cargo Ship Crosses The Arctic Without Aid Of Ice Breaker!

Crossing the Arctic was the ultimate challenge back in the days. From Franklin to Peary, the Arctic didn’t make it easy.A Russian ship just made one of the fastest sail along an Arctic shipping route without the help of a chaperone icebreaker ship.
Obviously this can be a good news for sailers but turns out to be bad news to environmentalists because of diminished Arctic sea, likely as a result of climate change. The ship made it through the ice because the ice is no more thicker as it used to so its easy for a ship to break through.
On Aug. 17, the Russian tanker, the Christophe de Margerie, carried over 75,000 tons of liquified natural gas (LNG) from Norway to South Korea, according to a statement by the Northern Sea Route Administration.The tanker crossed from Norway to South Korea in just 19 days only, 30 percent faster than taking the usual route through the Suez Canal, traversing the Russian Arctic section of the route in just six and a half days.