Link Between Finger Length And Sporting Ability!

This is going to blow your mind, just stay on your seat and buckle up. Look at your hands. If your ring fingers and index fingers are looks almost similar in length, congratulations! You might be good in sports/extra curriculum activities but unfortunately It only counts if you're a teenage boy.
Recent Researches published in the Journal of Early Human Development, show a moderate correlation between having a lower digit ratio and greater muscular strength.
To figure out your digit ratio, measure the length of your index finger and the length of your ring finger from palm to tip. Now, divide the first number by the second number. Typically, males have longer index fingers, whereas females have index and ring fingers of a similar size.  If you are a male and your digit ratio appears to be lower then typically you have a stronger handgrip than others without regardless of body size and age. Tomkinson says, muscular strength is an important skill for many youth sports and athletic activities. 
It's possible this relationship between finger length and sporting prowess comes down to the hormones you were exposed to as a fetus.
"Testosterone is the natural steroid hormone," says Grant Tomkinson, professor of kinesiology and public health education at the University of North Dakota, in his own statement. It "enhances sport, athletic, and fitness test performances."