New Species Of Frog Found, its so wierd

Scientists have just discovered a new species of purple frog Deep in the Western Ghats mountain range of India, which they have called the Bhupathy's purple frog, it’s certainly not pretty.
They describe the amphibian as characterized by its smooth grayish skin with purple marbling, its small beady eyes, and its rather strange pig-like snout. The frog is only known to live in just three seasonal streams within the stunning Western Ghats mountains that are found along the western coast of India. Most of its time is spent living underground in shallow little burrows, which is probably why it pretty much looks like an amphibious mole.
Its lifecycle is like of that normal frog, it starts life as squiggling little tadpoles. Unlike the rather shy adults, the tadpoles of this newly described species are found in the lively cascades that flow during monsoon seasons. As reported, the tadpoles actually latch onto the rock face behind the waterfall like a suckerfish.