Pod built by Germany Students Traveling at 201 MPH Wins Elon Musk's Hyperloop Competition

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A team of students from Germany sent a carbon-plastic pod whizzing through a Hyperloop tube prototype at 201 mph (324 km/h) last weekend, securing the top spot in Elon Musk's second Hyperloop competition.
The Hyperloop concept is a new transportation mode proposed by Elon Musk in 2013. By having capsules levitate inside of a low-pressure tube, pods travel at speeds close to the speed of sound
The winning team, WARR Hyperloop from the Technical University of Munich, took top prize again in the second Hyperloop Pod Competition, which was held from Aug. 25 and 27. The team's pod was one of only three that met the technical criteria for testing inside the 0.8-mile (1.28 km) tube at SpaceX headquarters.Well, as mentioned earlier this is the second competition as they also won the first one which was held between January 27-29, 2017.
A little bit about WARR, they are the Scientific Workgroup for Rocketry and Spaceflight, a group from the TU Munich that has been developing rockets and satellites since 1962. With their Rocketry department, WARR was happy to apply when SpaceX announced the Hyperloop student competition back in 2015.
Musk, tweeted right upon the victory of the WARR team 
The WARR team's winning pod is powered by an electric motor and lithium-polymer batteries. The brakes decelerated the pod from its peak 201-mph speed in 3 seconds. On Twitter, "Might be possible to go supersonic in our test Hyperloop tube, even though it's only 0.8 miles long. Very high accel/decel needed …" 

Musk's plans include making the whole Hyperloop project entirely self-powered by installing solar panels above the tunnels.


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