Scientists just found out that an Antarctica drilled core ice is 2.7 million years old, which is 1.7 million years older than the ice that had held the previous record. 
Bubbles which had formed in the ice have greenhouse gases that come from the atmosphere of the Earth during a period when the cycles of the planet glacial advance and its retreat were just beginning. David Shuster, from the University of California, went on to say that it was the only sample of the atmosphere of ancient Earth that scientists are going to have access to. 
All of this findings would not have happened without A graduate student at the Princeton University, Yuzhen Yan, Who described that, The ice shows the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and shows that they had not been about 300 parts per million. This is well under the levels that are seen today. Models of an ancient climate had anticipated that levels as low as this might tip Earth into a series of Ice Ages. However, proxies taken from animals fossils that used to live in the ocean that was shallow had given an indication of the CO2 levels being higher.


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