Apple sales head Deidre O'Brien to lead HR.

A veteran of Apple who has put in three decades in the company. Deirdre O'Brien has been appointed vice president of people. She has join Apple in 1998. As a part of new role, Deidre O'Brien after getting this position will be responsible for almost every HR functions at Apple, including talent development, benefits, recruitment, profits and even losses too, compensation, business support and involvement there is a criteria of handling Apple University.

She is report her functioning to Tim Cook, Apple CEO. Prior to this appointment, she was was working I was working as vice president for the world wide sales and operations for the company. She has a huge experience and is well versed with company culture and practices. Commenting on the appointment, Tim Cook said, “As long as I’ve been at Apple, Deirdre has been the glue bonds our operations, sales, marketing and finance team to deliver products to our customers. She is a superb leader and I’m thrilled she will be bringing her experience and talent to critical role.” O'Brien said she is very excited to lead Apple's team of 1,20,000 incredibly talented people who are from all over the world, and are motivated to do amazing things every day.

Deirdre holds a bachelor’s degree in Operations Management from Michigan State University and an MBA from San Jose State University.