Could This Be The Public Transport Of The Future?

“I am not only ready, but I consider it my direct duty as the creator of the idea and patent owner… to produce second- and third-level gyroscopic transport. I've been developing this idea for two years now, and I'm prepared to bring it to fruition in practice.” Said Dahir Semenov

Russian-based designers Dahir Insaa  just created a concept Gyrocar transport system. It consists of disc-shaped trams that are able to cruise above multiple levels of vehicles. These trams are kept balanced on their stilts using giant gyroscopes. The design would allow this new form of vehicles to travel on the current inner-city roads, yet are elevated above the car level traffic, allowing them to cruise above the traffic jams below.

"Due to the fact that this invention will necessarily appear on the roads of different cities around the world, I do not have the slightest doubt that this mode of transportation will supersede buses, trams, and trolleybuses in the cities of the future. The second level of this mode of transportation has huge potential to provide an efficient, economical, safe, environmentally friendly, comfortable, and maneuverable conveyance that is independent of the general traffic flows on arterial roads. That is because the lane separator between lanes satisfies all of the requirements for the creation of this mode of transportation. It will inevitably take its rightful place as a modern urban form of transportation. It is just simply too tempting to be able to travel without traffic jams at any time of the day or night" published Dahir Semenov on their youtube concept video.

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