Elon Musk proposes city-to-city travel by rocket on Earth

credit: SpaceX

Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO on a conference today he ended his talk with a pretty promise of using that same interplanetary rocket system for long distance travel right here on Earth. Through the demonstration animation most of long distance trips will be covered within 30 minutes, eg Hong Kong to Singapore in 22 minutes, London to Dubai or New York in 29 minutes, and Los Angeles to Toronto in 24 minutes and go “anywhere on Earth in under an hour” for around the same price of an economy airline ticket.
SpaceX’s forthcoming mega-rocket will lift a massive spaceship into orbit around the Earth. The ship would then settle down on floating landing pads near major cities. Both the new rocket and spaceship are currently hypothetical, though Musk did say that he hopes to begin construction on the rocket in the next six to nine months.