Finally GoPro Hero 6 Black shoots 4K video at 60 fps

Here is a good news for the big fans of small gadgets, as they say 'this toy has an amazing grip on hand'. For years people have been asking for the 60fps capability on a 4K resolution on this action camera, well now GoPro just officially unveiled the Hero 6 Black, and it is already hitting stores in North America. It carries the same exterior design over from the Hero 5, waterproofing included, with the highlight features being increased frame rates, better overall image quality and speed, thanks to a new and custom processor. All of these new improvements are going to cost us extra bucks, the company’s newest flagship camera will retail for $499, a hundred bucks more than its predecessor.
The good news is that the Hero 6 Black will be all about slow motion, too, because users will now have a ceiling of 120 fps when shooting in 2.7K, and 240 fps in 1080p, which means the footage can be played back 10 times slower without any stuttering. The Hero 6 Black also uses 5GHz Wi-Fi to transfer all this footage to your smartphone three times faster, according to the company. And GoPro is promising improved digital image stabilization unfortunately not optical yet.