Here's How to tweet with 280 characters right now!

The tweets in your timeline are about to get longer and more expressive. Twitter said yesterday that it has started testing 280-character tweets, doubling the previous character limit,  but not every Twitter user will be able to use the new limit just yet. Twitter is rolling out the long tweets feature to select accounts as a test, but Twitter user Prof9 has discovered a workaround to get longer tweets a little early. Here’s how you can do it
  • Download Tampermonkey for your browser of choice (Eg:Chrome)
  • Visit this this Github repository, click the “raw” button, then prompt tampermonkey to “install” the script (or copy and paste the code into a new script in Tampermonkey)
  • Now visit, make sure the script in running in Tampermonkey, then tweet away
This will work automatically on every time you use the web client to tweet. Tampermonkey's javascript is a harmless workaround that simply bypasses the tweet button limit.