Russian $35M Supersonic Bomber Crashes Right Before Take Off

This video is now going viral on internet causing Vladimir Putin a great deal of embarrassment. The video shows a large Russian bomber plane TU-22M3 cost around £35 million heading down the runway and then going off it and crashing into trees during an exercise.

The accident was said to have occurred on September 14 at the Shaikavka Airbase, but the video has only just been released onto the internet. It was said that it crashed during Zapad 2017 war drills, which is a huge show of force in Russia that features around 250 tanks, 70 jets, and about 13,000 troops.

Fortunately all four of the crew of the plane escaped from the cockpit before the jet finally crashed into the trees. A senior official revealed that the cause of the accident had been a failure of speed sensors during the take-off of the plane and this meant that the crew chose to abort take-off.