“Ship Graveyard” Discovered Features 2,500 Years Of Perfectly Preserved Ships

About 60 shipwreck has been discovered in the Black Sea dating from Byzantine era to the 19th century, revealing 2,500 years of maritime history.The researchers used remotely operated vehicles with 3D cameras, a laser scanner, lights, and geophysical equipment to survey the seabed. 

This so called "ship graveyard”  found is not only incredible but some of ships are in astonishingly good shape too.
‘‘We have never seen anything like this before,” said Dr Kroum Batchvarov, from the University of Connecticut, in an emailed statement. “This is history in the making unfolding before us.”
Not bad for a 2,000-year-old Roman ship. You can still see the rope and tiller. Johan Rönnby/Black Sea MAP
Researchers used ROVs to photograph and document their discoveries, in this case a Roman vessel. Black Sea MAP