The Best Science Photographs Of 2017,They are Stunning

Did you know that there's an International Images for science Competition every year the only condition is that the photos has to tell a scientific story? Well, now you know. The 2017's Royal Photographic Society International Images for Science competition received over lots of submissions but 100 photos were shortlisted, with five final "medal" winners. 
What made this competition even more fascinating was that the creatives behind the lenses used to take these photos.Most of the photos seem to be shot on a macro lens
Here are the top five winners, Enrico Sacchetti (Gold Award), Jonathan Brett (Silver Award), Morgan Trimble (Bronze Award), Teresa Zgoda (Gold Award Ages 18-25), and Ella Main (Gols Award under 17) who will all be awarded a cash prize and an RPS medal.
"The selectors had a very tough job, picking just 100 photos for the exhibition from over 3,500. Those images that made the grade really embody what this competition is all about – bringing visually captivating images to the public that also have an engaging science story to tell.” said Gary Evans
Here are some of the images from the finalists 
Faradae camara by Luis Davilla

Liesegang rings blue by Kelemen Gabriel
Soap Bubble Planet by Richard Beech
M42 Great Orion Nebula by Dave Watson ARPS
Storm on take-off by Artem Markin
Aurora Over A Glacier Lagon by James Woodend 
Angels in love by Andrey Narchuk Mr.
North Rim by John Vermette 
Modelling Dissection by Gavan Mitchell
Taenia Solium by Teresa Zgoda


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