The truth behind the cyclops goat of India

According to National Geographic, recently there was a freaky goat in a village in Assam, India. It has a rare condition called cyclopia (named after the cyclops of ancient lore) which occurs when the developing brain doesn't separate into two hemispheres thus one eye socket forms, and you end up with a huge,eye in the middle of the head. Cyclopia is often caused when there are too many toxins present in the womb, but it can also happen if there's just some genetic wonk in the mix.

Because of other deformities that cyclopia causes, like malformed nostrils, animals with the condition don't usually live very long. That's what the owner of our little friend in India was told by local veterinarians. But the goat has proved everyone wrong and seems to be chugging along just fine.

In Indian-Hindu culture, animals, especially those with some unique features, are sacred in some ways. According to its owner, Mukhuri Das, the goat is good luck,  some people they're flocking to the goat in droves. Das said he's gotten dozens of daily visitors who want to see for the miracle kid for themselves. Das told National Geographic he believes the goat will "bring luck to his home." Here's hoping the little goat lives a longer life