This Teacher's Neat Experiment For Her Pupils Has Gone Viral!

Teaching children to love science can be tedious. Getting kids to wash their hands regularly can be even more so. Well,Donna Allen from Gray's Creek, North Carolina, has managed to do both for her class.The experiment has been met with praise online, with people calling it a great idea and a cute way to teach not only kids but also adults about germs. It could also be used to teach science classes about using controls in studies.Here's her Facebook post

"To all my teacher friends this is the grossest yet coolest experiment," she wrote. "I did this while teaching about germs and how they spread. You use three pieces of bread. You let all the kids see you put a piece of bread in a baggy with a glove on hence 'controlled' then you wash your hands and put a piece of bread in a baggy for 'clean' last but definitely not least you pass a piece of bread around and let every kid in class touch it then you put it in a baggy and label it dirty."
"Watch how the bread changes over time due to germs. It is so cool and a great way to teach the importance of hand washing".
And boy does the bread change.
The control bread and the slice that had been handled with washed hands show little signs of mold, whilst the bread that had been handled with "dirty hands" and passed through the whole class is covered in gross mold. Feeling an urge to wash your hands?

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