Win $1 million By Creating A Computer ProgramTo Solve This 'Simple' Puzzle

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Computer scientists led by Professor Ian Gent at the University Of St. Andrews are offering a $1million reward for anyone who can come up with a program that can solve the ‘Queen’s Puzzle’. As far as I know,The challenge is open to any computer programming expert .
The Queens puzzle is a very simple conundrum. Can you place eight queens on a chess board in such a way that no two queens can attack each other? So no queen can share the same row, column, or diagonal. It was first devised in 1850 and any human with a bit of patience can solve it
“If you could write a computer program that could solve the problem really fast, you could adapt it to solve many of the most important problems that affect us all daily,” lProfessor Ian Gent said in a statement.
“This includes trivial challenges like working out the largest group of your Facebook friends who don’t know each other or very important ones like cracking the codes that keep all our online transactions safe.”
One of the reasons why it’s considered difficult to create the perfect computer code to solve the ‘Queen’s Puzzle’ is due to the number of variables involved. Therefore it could take many years before such a software can be developed.
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