6-Year-Old Boy Saved Four Lives With Organ Donation

Luke O'Dovan, 

The parents of Luke O'Donovan, a 6-year-old boy who died after a hit and run accident said it was a "spark of light" and a "comfort" after he donated his organs and saved four people's lives.
"He is our little super hero now and he would have loved that. It (the organ donations) is a spark of light - it is a comfort." his father, Mr. O'Donovan said
These heartbroken parents lost their only child, Luke (6), in the 2014  hit and run collision agreed to donate his organs.
"We always taught Luke that caring is sharing or sharing is caring. I suppose this was the ultimate example of that," Mr O'Donovan said.
Luke's parents
Edmond Walsh (51), the motorist of Ballyherode, Ballymacoda, Co Cork, was involved in the accident, he received a two-year prison sentence and was suspended from driving for 10 years arising from the incident .

May his soul rest in peace, Amen