A Morse Key Turned Into USB Keyboard

Long time ago a 102-key keyboards with a number pad, arrow keys, and function keys seemed like a great keyboard improvement, before then people were using the lame old 86 key board. But making a shift to a USB Keyboard with a one key layout sounds cool, right?
Morse code is an internationally recognized way of representing letters from (a-z) and numbers (0–9) as a series of dots and dashes. It became a handy way of sending encrypted messages across long distances during World War one and World War two. This is how it works, a Morse key acts like a switch, making and breaking a circuit connection to transmit dots and dashes as short and long beeps this is done over radio waves.
Then the Morse key would act like a keyboard when plugged into any  USB 3.0 port of laptop or PC; after keying in messages in Morse code, then the corresponding English alphanumeric characters would appear on the display.