World's Largest Radio Telescope Built By Chinese discovers Two new pulsars

China opened this huge dish (FAST) in September 2016 to study the cosmos one of its main goal was to look for signals from extraterrestrial life and study black were circulating in the internet that China was having trouble finding someone to oversee the telescope and its operation. Well it seems like it was one of those fake news Facebook is trying to ban. The Chinese just discovered of two new pulsars, marking the first confirmed finds from the world's largest radio telescope FAST.

Pulsars, are rapidly rotating remnants of formerly massive stars, also referred to as 'lighthouses' of the universe due to their regular rotational periods and focused electromagnetic radiation emissions.

The new pulsars PSR J1859-01 and PSR J1931-02, also referred to as FAST pulsar #1 and #2 (FP1 and FP2), were spotted on August 22 and 25, and were confirmed by the Parkes telescope in Australia on September 10.
“FP1 is a pulsar with a spin period of 1.83 second and an estimated distance of 16 thousand light-years, and FP2, is a pulsar with a spin period of 0.59 second and an estimated distance of 4,100 light years,” said Li Di, Deputy Chief Engineer of FAST Project at the National Astronomical Observatories (NAOC)
Director of NAOC Yan Jun told press that, "The two new discovered pulsars symbolize the dawn of a new era of systematic discoveries by Chinese radio telescopes".