Chinese Sisters Sell Bags of "Fresh Air" From Tibetan Plateau!
Due to the deteriorating air quality in China, two sisters just proved that an “air-for-sale” scheme is actually a legitimate business.

These two ladies from China's Xining, the provincial capital of the country's western Qinghai, have launched an online start-up business through which they sell fresh air, 

The big question is, Where do they collect the air from?
They are collecting fresh air from the Tibetan Plateau, which is a vast, high plateau in Central Asia and It covers most of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the Qinghai Province in China, and Ladakh in Kashmir, Pakistan. Here is a video to show you how the process is done. Also, the buyers have a choice of air depending on their preference; either from the mountain or the valley f the Tibetan Plateau.

So far, they have sold more than 100 bags at the cost of $2.5 per bag.These two ladies claimed that their project is just an environmental campaign to remind people on the importance of protecting the environment, with that being said, making money is not their prime goal.
Well, I have been looking for a unique business idea, here I got one. I will also be selling fresh air from Mount Kilimanjaro.