Man Awoken From Vegetative State Actually Died Few Months later, But Scientists Kept It Quiet

Last month, A news article by French scientists went viral on internet that they had partially restored consciousness in a 35-year-old man who spent about 15 years of his life in a vegetative state after a car accidentIt was such a good news for everyone as we assumed he was still alive, unfortunately the man dies few months after the treatment.
Simply, The treatment involved vagal nerve stimulation to induce signs of consciousness in him. rihgt after the treatment, he was able to move his eyes, to smile, turn his head, and respond to basic commands.
researcher Professor Marc Guenot publicly admitted last week during an interview in the French newspaper Le Parisien
“Unfortunately, this man died this year, a pulmonary complication,This has strictly no connection with electrical stimulation.”
In september, Lead researcher Angela Sirigu told The Guardian  “He is still paralyzed, he cannot talk, but he can respond. Now he is more aware.” 
Professor Jacques Luaut√© of the University of Lyon told Le Monde: “We had discussed it with the family. Together, we wrongly thought that this would lead to people making a link between the stimulation and the death. We concluded that the death – unrelated to experimentation – was a private family event."