Man wins A fight to the death with enormous seven metre python in Indonesia

A giant python took a bite on a man’s arm before he successfully killed it. This 7 meters (23 feet) python was found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.
According to reports, Robert Nababan, 37, was on his way home when he saw two pedestrians blocked from crossing a road by the giant python. He bravely stepped in and became locked into a bloody battle with the snake, Surprisingly the Pedestrians looked as he wrestled in the middle of the road in Riau Province. It bit the man’s arm, and coiled itself around him so he couldn’t escape
Ultimately, with the help of others, the python lost the fight so Robert was rushed to hospital for his wounds to be treated. Finally was consumed piece by piece by people with a penchant for vertebrate Parseltongue speakers.
robert Recovering