Meet The Next Great Operating System: The Amazon's Alexa

Nonestop, Amazon has keeps rolling out new sets of devices, as of recent they have unveiled a new Amazon Echo which costs about $100, Echo Plus ($149.99), the circular-screened Echo Spot ($129.99), and and a new Fire TV stick which costs about $70, as it continues to advance its vision.
amazon fire TV


Right now, it seems like making money is not their priority because they sells its hardware cheap. Obviously a company that reaches enough homes fast enough will become the effective standard.
And so far Amazon already managed to take a significant lead, largely because the original Echo has been a surprise hit to everyone. Just think, did anyone ever thought that a Bluetooth speaker with a built-in digital assistant can be the device that finally got consumers excited about turning their ordinary houses to smart homes? I guarantee you, the new Echo Spot is going to replace that alarm clock at your house.
These products may not all make it to the market, but Amazon is already aheaad of the game because clearly, Apple's HomePod hasn't even arrived yet.

And the Alexa 'routines' feature will blow your mind off, it will allow you to automate a series of actions with a single voice command: saying "Alexa, good night," and having it turn off the lights, lock the door, and turn off the TV, for example.

A platform that integrates apps and devices ? This is definitely an operating system.
on top of that,Amazon announced a deal to make BMW  run Alexa and Mini vehicles from the middle of 2018, allowing drivers to use the digital assistant to get directions, control music or control your smart home while on a trip. These users will also have access third-party services like Starbucks, allowing them to pre order a cup of coffee while driving and thus skip the line.
Ok lets wrap this up, Windows is dominating the desktop, and Android and iOS can fight it out for the smartphone, but Alexa has a lock on the smart home and no one can take that from them.