Russian Hackers Stole NSA Classified Details on U.S. Cyber Defense


A report from The Wall Street Journal claims that, Russian hackers working for the government stole top secrete details of how the U.S. breaches into foreign computer networks and defends against cyberattacks. This leak of details was caused by a National Security Agency contractor who removed the highly classified files and put it on his personal computer. 
So the hackers simply targeted the contractor's computer, after identifying that his computer was protected by one of the most trusted antivirus softwares made by Russia-based Kaspersky Lab which has more than 400 million users world-wide, people with knowledge about this explained.NSA Spokesman noted that they have a contract for antivirus software with another company, not Kaspersky.
The incident occurred few years ago,2015 but went unknown until spring 2016.The stolen files includes a code NSA uses for spying and defending their domestic networks 
Kaspersky software is believed to have been persuaded by the Russian hackers to conduct such breach.Kaspersky Lab said it “has not been provided any information or evidence substantiating this alleged incident, and as a result, we must assume that this is another example of a false accusation.”