YES to bananas and avocados. Eating them daily may prevent heart disease

Banana is very important for the health in multiple ways same to Avocado. Recently, researchers have discovered that eating a banana and an avocado a day may prevent hardening of the arteries. Hardening of arteries can result to death. 
A study published in the journal JCI Insight was conducted on mice, shows that foods which are rich in potassium reduces vascular calcification, which can lead to kidney or heart disease. Calcification normally happens when calcium builds up in body tissue or blood vessels and sometimes in organs. Avocado, Acorn, squash, Spinach, Sweet potato,Wild-caught salmon, Dried apricots, Pomegranate, Coconut water, White beans and Banana rich in potassium which has an ability to reduce the risk of aortic stiffness - a classic cardiovascular risk factor.
“The findings demonstrate the benefit of adequate potassium supplementation on prevention of vascular calcification in atherosclerosis-prone mice, and the adverse effect of low potassium intake,” said Paul Sanders, professor at the University of Alabama.